New Site

Welcome to the new National Archives Learning Platform.

We have merged our existing 3 eLearning sites into one single platform.  All existing courses and materials have been brought across and we are now running on the latest platform.  

What's changed?

We have a brand new look and feel and a whole heap of new features, including new blocks, new reports and new course authoring tools.  A few of the menus may now be in a different place, and some of the editing tools you were used to may have changed position or be in a simplified menu.  But, after spending a little bit of time on your course, you will soon find your way around.  Although some things have changed, the platform is still very familiar.

What about training?

We are currently organising staff training on the new platform.  The dates have yet to be confirmed.

Last modified: Saturday, 8 September 2018, 12:37 PM